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    eContributor online fundraising software and e-commerce system makes giving online simple and safe. Use it for:      

    charitable donations;
    campaign contributions;
    PAC fundraising;
    online dues payment;
    event registration;
    newsletter and magazine subscriptions; or
    books and other products!
    Votenet Software
      Introduction to eContributor 

    eContributor - Your Online Fundraising Solution!
  • Is the market leader in online fundraising software.
  • Is the most cost effective way to raise money - for less than 10 cents on the dollar! Compare to 70 cents on the dollar for phone solicitations and 50 cents on the dollar for direct mail.
  • Legally complies with all applicable federal and/or state laws governing online fundraising efforts.
  • Offers volunteer-to-contribute and contribute-to-volunteer donation pathways.
  • Offers a comprehensive e-commerce system.
  • Able to process recurring monthly, quarterly or yearly donations.

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    With the eContributor solution, organizations are able to reach and establish relationships with the large and rapidly growing population of online contributors who are eager to use state-of-the-art technology. Fundraising experts predict that electronic fundraising will soon comprise 12 to 20 percent of all individual donations. Votenet's eContributor online fundraising solution can help your organization reach a new and increasingly important percentage of this population. The power of online electronic payment is unlimited and eContributor offers the security and service you can rely on.

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    Call Votenet today at 202.737.2277 option 1 for more information about using eContributor as your online fundraising software and e-commerce solution.

    Or, send us an email with your requests.

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